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/* dcc.h */

#include <time.h>                               /* for time_t */

#ifndef XCHAT_DCC_H
#define XCHAT_DCC_H

#define STAT_QUEUED 0
#define STAT_ACTIVE 1
#define STAT_FAILED 2
#define STAT_DONE 3
#define STAT_ABORTED 5

#define TYPE_SEND 0
#define TYPE_RECV 1

#define CPS_AVG_WINDOW 10

/* can we do 64-bit dcc? */
#if defined(G_GINT64_FORMAT) && defined(HAVE_STRTOULL)
#define USE_DCC64
/* we really get only 63 bits, since st_size is signed */
#define DCC_SIZE gint64
#define DCC_SIZE unsigned int
#define DCC_SFMT "u"

struct DCC
      struct server *serv;
      struct dcc_chat *dccchat;
      guint32 addr;                             /* the 32bit IP number, host byte order */
      int fp;                                         /* file pointer */
      int sok;
      int iotag;                                /* reading io tag */
      int wiotag;                               /* writing/sending io tag */
      int port;
      int pasvid;                               /* mIRC's passive DCC id */
      int cps;
      int resume_error;
      int resume_errno;

      GTimeVal lastcpstv, firstcpstv;
      DCC_SIZE lastcpspos;
      int maxcps;

      DCC_SIZE size;
      DCC_SIZE resumable;
      DCC_SIZE ack;
      DCC_SIZE pos;
      time_t starttime;
      time_t offertime;
      time_t lasttime;
      char *file;                         /* utf8 */
      char *destfile;               /* utf8 */
      char *destfile_fs;            /* local filesystem encoding */
      char *nick;
      unsigned char type;             /* 0 = SEND  1 = RECV  2 = CHAT */
      unsigned char dccstat;    /* 0 = QUEUED  1 = ACTIVE  2 = FAILED  3 = DONE */
      unsigned int fastsend:1;
      unsigned int ackoffset:1;     /* is reciever sending acks as an offset from */
                                                            /* the resume point? */
      unsigned int throttled:2;     /* 0x1 = per send/get throttle
                                                                  0x2 = global throttle */

struct dcc_chat
      char linebuf[2048];
      int pos;

struct dccstat_info
      char *name;                                 /* Display name */
      int color;                                  /* Display color (index into colors[] ) */

extern struct dccstat_info dccstat[];

void dcc_abort (session *sess, struct DCC *dcc);
void dcc_get (struct DCC *dcc);
int dcc_resume (struct DCC *dcc);
void dcc_check_timeouts (void);
void dcc_change_nick (server *serv, char *oldnick, char *newnick);
void dcc_notify_kill (struct server *serv);
struct DCC *dcc_write_chat (char *nick, char *text);
void dcc_send (struct session *sess, char *to, char *file, int maxcps, int passive);
struct DCC *find_dcc (char *nick, char *file, int type);
void dcc_get_nick (struct session *sess, char *nick);
void dcc_chat (session *sess, char *nick, int passive);
void handle_dcc (session *sess, char *nick, char *word[], char *word_eol[]);
void dcc_show_list (session *sess);
guint32 dcc_get_my_address (void);


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